Joint Programming Initiatives


Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) coordinate national research areas and launch joint calls providing the opportunity to cooperate at a European level. The aim of the joint programming process is to pool national research efforts in order to make better use of Europe's research and development resources and tackle common European challenges more effectively.

These initiatives address key societal challenges such as climate change, energy and food security, and healthy aging, which cannot be solved at the national level alone. They are designed to pool the limited resources for research and development and leverage complementary expertise.

Funding for the Joint Programming Initiatives largely comes from the participating Member States. The European Commission supports the establishment of organisational structures for individual initiatives in the form of Coordination and Support Actions (CSA).

The 10 Joint Programming Initiatives

The Member States are free to participate in any of the Joint Programming Initiatives to find a joint solution to a problem or achieve a joint goal.

Description of the target group:
For more information check the respective website of the JPI.

The essentials in brief

Program Owner / Sponsor sonstige
Project type
Submission with a proposal process
What is being funded For more information check the respective website of the JPI.


DI Thomas Zergoi
DI Thomas Zergoi
Contact person for JPI (Coordination)
T +43 5 7755 4201
DI Johannes Bockstefl
DI Johannes Bockstefl
Contact person for Urban Europe
T +43 5 7755 5042
Dr. Michalis Tzatzanis
Dr. Michalis Tzatzanis
Contact person for CLIMATE and Water Challenges
T +43 5 7755 4405
Dr. Astrid Hoebertz
Dr. Astrid Hoebertz
Contact person for HDHL and JPND
T +43 5 7755 4104
Dr. Margit Noll MBA
Chair of the Management Board JPI Urban Europe
T +43 5 7755 4002