Minister Heinz Faßmann: Researchers in Austria break the billion euro mark in "Horizon 2020"

EU Commissioner Moedas and Federal Minister Faßmann on Austria’s success within the EU Research Framework Programme – in the run-up to the FFG FORUM, Egerth and Pseiner stress the FFG’s targeted support

Klaus Pseiner (FFG), EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas, Henrietta Egerth (FFG) and Minister Heinz Faßmann.
Fotocredit: FFG/Oreste Schaller

The FFG FORUM 2018 takes as its theme "Best of Austria meets Europe", demonstrated in particular in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020":  researchers working in Austrian universities, research establishments and businesses have already succeeded in attracting funding worth 1.025 billion euros. "We’ve reached the billion euro mark – that’s a great success and emphasises the strength and excellence of Austria as a research and innovation location within Europe", stresses Minister Heinz Faßmann in the run-up to today’s FFG FORUM, which he jointly opened with EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas. "Our ambitious target of 1.5 billion euros is within reach", Faßmann adds. Here the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) offers targeted support and comprehensive advice as the National Contact Point for "Horizon 2020".


EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, explains: "Austria is at the forefront in ‘Horizon 2020’. In terms of participations, Austria is one of the top 10 EU countries, and regarding the success rate for submissions, Austria is currently in second place. With the aid of EU funding, Austria’s top scientists have developed outstanding ideas which businesses have brought to the market as pioneering innovations. Successful participation in ‘Horizon 2020’ is good for Austria, and good for the EU."


"Austria has caught up with France in ‘Horizon 2020’ and is now in second place, behind Belgium", stress the two FFG Managing Directors Henrietta Egerth and Klaus Pseiner, referring to the success rate for participations. At 17% it is significantly above the average for all member states (14.7%). Viewed by programme, researchers and companies in Austria are particularly successful in the ERC (European Research Council; 193.7 million euros), ICT (Information and Communication Technologies; 147.5 million euros), Transport (118 million euros) and Energy (100.4 million euros). As the National Contact Point for "Horizon 2020" the FFG supports researchers and companies with a comprehensive range of information and consultancy services, and works closely with the Federal Ministries to successfully position Austria within the European Research Area.


While the fruits of the EU framework programme "Horizon 2020" are now gradually being harvested, preparations for the successor programme "Horizon Europe" (2021 to 2027) are in full swing. "We are taking up the challenge and are highly committed, for it is up to Austria in particular to advance the negotiations during the Austrian EU Presidency", stresses Faßmann. "Our common objective is to more strongly embed research and innovation within the European agenda. These future-oriented areas deserve and demand our attention if we are to be globally competitive, and also wish to continue actively contributing to finding effective answers to urgent questions by promoting research and innovation in a targeted manner."



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