Grant payments in Horizon 2020

The EU grant is paid to the coordinator in several instalments: pre-financing, interim payment(s) and balance payment. The coordinator is responsible for administering the grant and distributing it among the beneficiaries.

The coordinator receives the following payments from the European Commission/funding agency according to Article 21 of the Grant Agreement (GA):

Payment Date of payment
Pre-Financing Within 30 days of the entry into force of the GA or 10 days prior to the starting date of the action (whichever is the latest)
Interim Payment(s) Within 90 days of submission of the interim report
Balance Payment Within 90 days of submission of the final report

The pre-financing payment is designed to ensure cash flow for implementing the project. Its amount usually corresponds to the average grant amount for a reporting period. It remains the property of the EU Commission until the balance payment. Since five percent of the maximum EU grant is deducted from the pre-financing payment and directly paid into the Guarantee Fund, the amount transferred to the coordinator will always be lower than the amount stated in Article 21.2 of the GA.

The interim payment(s) and the balance payment reimburse the costs declared in the relevant reporting period until the threshold of 85 percent of the maximum EU grant is reached. 15 percent of the EU grant (10 percent retention and 5 percent from the Guarantee Fund) may only be disbursed at the end of the action.

The grant is transferred to the account notified by the coordinator. The setting up of a separate project account is not obligatory according to the GA, but is required in many Consortium Agreements.

If the EU Commission/funding agency does not meet the specified payment deadlines without officially suspending the payment deadline or payments (Artícle 47 and 48 of the GA), the consortium is entitled to default interest.


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