OLD EN: Receipts in Horizon 2020

Please note that receipts generated by one of the partners may lead to a reduction of the grant at consortium level. Income generated by exploiting the action's results are not considered receipts within the meaning of the Grant Agreement.

The following are considered receipts in Horizon 2020 actions:

  • income generated by the action (e.g. from conference fees and publications),
  • income generated from selling equipment or other assets  during the action (up to the amount declared as eligible),
  • in-kind contributions provided by third parties free of charge which have been declared as eligible costs,
  • financial contributions provided by third parties specifically to be used for the action and used to cover eligible costs.


The following examples are not considered receipts:

  • income generated by exploiting the action’s results (e.g. income from the sale of intellectual property),
    financial contributions provided by one partner to another partner.


Receipts must be indicated in the final report. When paying the balance the EU Commission/funding agency will take into account whether the receipts have resulted in a profit at consortium level:
If the EU grant plus receipts are higher than the total eligible costs of the action, the grant will be reduced.

The consortium may specify in the Consortium Agreement that the grant reduction must be borne by the partner who has generated the receipts.

More detailed information can be found in the Annotated Grant Agreement (AGA), Article 5.3.


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