ASAP - SSO (Swiss Space Office)

Transnationale Ausschreibung

Verfügbarkeit: 21.02.2018 23:59 bis 25.04.2018 23:59

The ASAP-SSO Call makes available a total of € 200,000 in funding. Funding is allocated in a competitive process. Austrian Partners are limited with € 100.000 per project. The Austrian Space Applications Programme supports Austrian stakeholders in positioning themselves in defined areas in order to maintain and enhance their international competitiveness.

The ASAP-SSO Call invites proposals for the following topics:


1)      Space research and science,

a.      Priority area: Technologies for scientific instruments

2)      Space technologies

a.      Priority area: Atomic clocks

b.      Priority area: High-precision mechanisms and structures

c.       Priority area: Photonics

3)      Applications of satellite-based technologies.

a.       Priority area: Technologies for user-funded applications


The Austrian partner has to invite Swiss partners by FFG Ecall to build a consortium. The following funding instruments are available for the SSO- ASAP Call:

„Leitfaden für Kooperative F&E Projekte – Transnationale Ausschreibung, Version 2.5“.Only one Austrian partner within the Swiss consortium is permitted.


The evaluation of the project proposals will be coordinated by SSO. The following criteria will be considered:


1. background and experience of the study team members

2. potential for innovation of the topic proposed

3. quality and suitability of proposed programme of work

4. adequacy of management, costing, and planning for the execution of work


The duration of research projects is limited to 15 months.