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ERA-NET RegSys - 2nd Joint Call for Proposals

Ausschreibung offen von 18.09.2019 12:00 bis 22.01.2020 12:00
BMK - Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie Klima- und Energiefonds
A fundamental transformation of our energy systems towards a sustainable, low carbon and climate-friendly economy that is designed to last is required to meet the obligations of the Paris agreement. Achieving a largely decarbonised energy system by 2050 will require the integration of many new energy solutions and ‘first of a kind’ technologies. To exploit the full potential of renewable energy sources, new, holistic solutions for energy storage are critical. As renewable energy sources are inherently variable, storage of surplus energy to provide peak load supply security is crucial. A large surplus of energy is also necessary for inter-seasonal energy storage. Strong, innovative and competitive companies should provide the technology and services needed to deliver low carbon energy solutions that provide energy efficiency and security. Energy is a critical commodity and essential for full participation in modern society. Consumers are therefore also at the centre of this ambition. The development and delivering of local energy solutions to meet local needs, linking local generation to local use is a path to unlocking vibrant local energy economies.

This call will support RDD projects that contribute to the development of sustainable, integrated storage solutions for both short- and long-term storage within areas such as:

  • Electrical storage
  • Electrochemical storage
  • Material storage
  • Thermal storage
  • Mechanical storage


On top of national eligibility criteria, a project must be transnational by nature, involving at least two independent entities and from at least two different countries of the ERA-Net SES RegSys partners. Projects must submit a registration of interest by the 12th November 2019, 14:00 CET in the online Electronic Submission System.

Call procedure timings

Compulsory advisory period 18 September 2019 – 22 January 2020  
Compulsory registration of interest 12 November 2019, 14:00 CET
Proposal submission deadline 22 January 2020, 14:00 CET
Austrian National Full Proposal Application 24 January 2020, 12:00 CET  
Expected funding decision feedback 5 May 2020
Expected project start Before 15 December 2019

All applications, both the registration of interest and Full project proposals, are managed and submitted through the central ERA-Net SES RegSys Electronic Submission System available at, with the exception of specific national/ regional documentation requirements.              


Nationale Projektanträge (FFG-template) müssen spätestens am 24. Jänner 2020, 12:00 CET via eCall eingelangt sein!


Mag. Urban Peyker MSc
Mag. Urban Peyker MSc
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