Rules for participation in Horizon Europe

The Rules for Participation in Horizon Europe provide a legal framework specifying the group of potential participants in the future framework programme and the relevant conditions. They also include additional information on issues including budget, financial instruments, open access, evaluation, cost eligibility and intellectual property.

Simplification of rules

  • The rules in Horizon Europe will be simplified to increase legal certainty and reduce administrative burden.
  • The same rules for all EU funding programmes: The "single set of rules" principle will be continued and further improved – all funding rules are based on the financial regulation applicable to the general budget of the EU. Exceptions will only be made where mandated by the situation.
  • Personnel cost schemes that were not found to be practical, such as "additional remuneration", will be abolished. There will be increased use of simplified cost options such as lump sum payments for entire projects wherever this is meaningful and practical. The usual (statutory) cost accounting practices applicable to the beneficiaries will be taken into account to a greater extent, e.g. for internal invoicing. This will further minimise the expense and effort involved in the implementation of EU projects.
  • The Mutual Insurance Mechanism (formerly "Guarantee Fund") will be extended to all forms of institutional partnerships, including Article 185 Initiatives, which have previously not been covered.
  • Actions that receive funding from different EU programmes will be audited only once, covering all involved EU programmes and their respective applicable rules.


FFG has carried out a comparative analysis of the rules for participation in Horizon 2020 with those proposed for Horizon Europe by the European Commission and created as well another document with a comparison of the legal texts of the Rules for Participation Horizon 2020, the proposal of the European Commission for Rules for Participation in Horizon Europe, as well as related articles of the new EU Financial Regulation and the Common Provisions for the Structural Funds.


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