Strategy Unit, Data Analysis and Business Development

The Strategy, Data Analysis and Business Development Unit is responsible for the strategic positioning of FFG in the national and international innovation system in coordination with the Management Board.

As the interface between the management and the departments, it identifies and realises strategic potential in the company and coordinates the implementation of the strategic guidelines.

The further development of the funding portfolio is one of its main tasks.

It acts as a think tank and analysis centre with a service function for FFG, its owners and clients. Evaluations and analyses of the available data sources are of great importance. This includes in particular data that is systematically collected and generated at FFG by the funding process, as well as the documentation of framework programme activities for EU performance monitoring. In addition to descriptive statistics, strategy and data analysis using explorative and text-analytical methods opens up new perspectives on national and European activities.


The unit is in constant dialogue with the responsible ministries and other policy-formulating and policy-advising institutions.