Health And Safety Concept

We are delighted to welcome you as a guest to the FFG. It goes without saying that our priority is to protect the health of our guests and our employees. Please read this information sheet carefully and abide by the regulations it explains to ensure we all remain safe and healthy.

- Last Update: 2022/03/31 -

Our protective measures have been drawn up in line with Austrian Federal Government regulations and the measures taken by the City of Vienna. They are continually updated as conditions change.


The wearing of FFP2-masks is mandatory throughout the entire building.


The most important personal protective measures

The most important and effective measures for protecting yourself and other people from infection are:

  • Protect yourself! Get vaccinated!
  • If you suspect you have COVID-19, or experience other unclear signs of disease, you will act responsibly and refrain from visiting our premises. If you first suspect you may have the disease while on the premises, please protect all those present by leaving the FFG premises and seeking medical assistance.
  • The wearing of masks (FFP2) is mandatory throughout the entire building.
  • Bistro at “Haus der Forschung”: Please observe the posted notice and the regulations for catering outlets.
  • Please take care to observe proper coughing etiquette.
  • Please follow good hand hygiene by washing and disinfecting your hands thoroughly.
  • Please refrain from shaking hands – a smile is better than a handshake!

Additional measures

We have also introduced the following measures to ensure a safe and healthy work environment:

  • Contactless disinfectant dispensers in all entry areas.
  • Soap and disposable towels are available in all toilets.
  • We are happy to provide you with a FFP2 mask should you need one.
  • All hygienically sensitive areas, such as lifts, handrails in stairways, door handles, etc., are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Our employees are careful to thoroughly ventilate all the offices at regular intervals in order to increase air circulation.