Austria launches Quantum Austria research campaign

On the initiative of the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research, Austria is investing 107 million euros into expanding quantum research and technologies using funds from the Next Generation EU recovery and resilience plan.

The aim is to further reinforce competitiveness and European collaboration in this strategic key technology. Funding is provided both for basic research and the development of practical applications. The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) work closely together on allocating the funds. Submissions to the FFG can be made from 15 December.

Quantum Austria


Quantum computers which can solve certain highly computation-intensive tasks much more quickly than classic digital computers; tap-proof communication channels; measuring instruments with a previously unachieved level of precision – quantum technologies promise answers to challenges which cannot be solved using other technology. Significant leaps in innovation are emerging and researchers from Austria are helping to lead the way. In order to generate sustainable economic incentives following the Covid crisis, the federal government, spearheaded by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research, has launched Quantum Austria to provide 107 million euros of funding for quantum research and quantum technologies using funds from the Next Generation EU recovery and resilience plan.

Better opportunities in the race for knowledge, technologies and new applications

The strategic objective is to intensify basic research into quantum technologies and boost the usability and market launch of highly innovative products and services. Quantum Austria is embedded in Austria’s RTI strategy and supports its aims, from excellent and cooperative research through to the expansion of digital infrastructures.

“Thanks to many years of support from the federal government, researchers at universities and companies have the opportunity to conduct research into quantum technologies along with the best in the world. Quantum Austria builds on this enormous potential. As we come out of the crisis, we are very deliberately investing in a promising future-oriented field in order to further improve Austria’s chances in the race for knowledge, technologies and promising applications,” Science Minister Heinz Fassmann explained at the start of Quantum Austria. 

“It is important for Austria as a business location that companies invest early on in future technologies and impress with innovative products ‘made in Austria’. This applies in particular to quantum technologies which harbour great potential. The funding instruments offered by the FFG and FWF offer a tailor-made solution for local stakeholders along the axis of innovation. With its European network, the FFG also enables reinforcement of transnational cooperation for this important key technology,” explains FFG Managing Director Henrietta Egerth.

“Quantum research opens up completely new opportunities which will overshadow their predecessors. Significant leaps in innovation are emerging. With Quantum Austria, we are working with the FFG to improve the chances of researchers from Austria establishing themselves at a top international level in the future,” FWF President Christof Gattringer says of the added value generated by this close collaboration between FWF and FFG.

Quantum Austria runs until 2026

From 26 November, interested researchers, universities, non-university research establishments and companies operating in quantum research and technologies can choose from the existing offers provided by the FFG and FWF. Three rounds of calls are planned until 2026. Thanks to the collaboration of both funding organisations, a wide range of funding requirements can be covered. The offers range from funding for researchers at universities to R&D activities by start-ups, companies and industry. Funds are available, for example, for research into the basic technologies of quantum systems or the establishment of high-performance labs and technical equipment.  At the same time, Austria’s capacity in high-performance and quantum computing should also be further expanded.

Funding via the existing portfolio of FFG and FWF

Funding is allocated in line with existing and tried-and-tested funding formats to enable a rapid and unbureaucratic funding decision. The FFG has various funding instruments available, e.g. Cooperative R&D Projects, Individual Projects of Industrial Research, Flagship Projects, Bridge Knowledge Transfer or R&D Infrastructure. The FWF enables the submission of Stand-Alone Projects, the 1000 Ideas Programme and the two career programs, ESPRIT and Schrödinger.

International experts support Quantum Austria

Leading quantum experts are involved in the implementation of Quantum Austria to take account of the European dimension and to integrate international expertise. The leading German researcher and Leibniz Prize winner Christine Silberhorn has taken on the role of chair of the scientific advisory board.



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