Ministry of Climate Action: 14.5 million euros in funding for the circular economy

Third call launched for research and development of technological innovations in the circular economy

On 21 March 2023, the Ministry of Climate Action published the 3rd call for the Circular Economy RTI (Research, Technology and Innovation) initiative. The aim of the RTI initiative is to generate systemic innovations and technologies on which to build a circular economy, thereby supporting the implementation of Austria’s circular economy strategy.

“The circular economy allows us to make greater use of locally available raw materials, ensures regional value creation, and strengthens the resilience and independence of the domestic economy. Research plays a central role here and leads to new technological approaches and systemic solutions. That’s why we’re making targeted investments in sustainable RTI initiatives,” says Climate Action Minister Leonore Gewessler.

Henrietta Egerth, FFG Managing Director: “The circular economy is one of our primary topics and thanks to funding many good ideas are already being implemented. In the 3rd and current call, 14.5 million euros are being made available.” “We funded more than 20 projects in the first two calls,” says FFG Managing Director Klaus Pseiner. “We are now supporting further innovative research and development projects with the third call for the circular economy and covering up to 85% of the project costs.” The four priorities in the Circular Economy call are:

Innovation for a circular economy; intensification of the use of goods; residues and recycling; and the Green Chemistry education initiative. 

Two R&D services will also be funded: the “Circular Economy Compass” to develop an evaluation tool for SMEs, and the study “Circular Design – Moving from Theory to Practice” highlighting the current situation and best practices for identifying barriers to implementing circular design.