Economic stimuli from women in research and technology

w-fFORTE - Economic stimuli from women in research and technology

w-fFORTE promotes women in scientific research and technology and encourages discussions with the goal of achieving greater equal opportunity in research and career development It offers free, high-quality training and discussions tailored to the career needs of researchers, networking, peer-to-peer learning and information based on the latest studies for managers in cooperative research.


  • "In focus: career" trainings for women in research and technology: Helping women to enhance their strategic career skills and providing an opportunity to ask experts individual questions. The focus is on topics such as strategy, team leadership and development, dealing with power, work-life balance and much more.
  • Leadership workshops for men & women in cooperative research.
  • Studies, knowledge transfer & events: w-fFORTE commissions studies that shed light on the existing structures in research and technology and that identify requirements for change. 
  • Implementation of the impetus programme "Laura Bassi Centres of Expertise": (i) Seven cooperative research centres that are established at university institutes and cooperate with company partners. (ii) An excellent woman researcher leads each of the research teams. (iii) The centres build on trans- and interdisciplinary research, team orientation, targeted personnel development as well as an efficient management structure as an answer to current requirements in science.


Information, findings and studies at:


Programmeigentümer/ Geldgeber
Service Bereich Strukturprogramme
Themenbereich Dienstleistungsinnovationen, Gesellschaft, Informationstechnologie, Karriere in der Forschung, Lebenswissenschaften, Material und Produktion, Mobilität, Sicherheit und Verteidigung, Umwelt und Energie, weitere Themen, Weltraum, Themenoffen
Zielgruppe Kleine und mittlere Unternehmen (KMU), Große Unternehmen (GU), Universitäten, Fachhochschulen, Kompetenzzentren, Forschungseinrichtungen, Einzel-ForscherInnen, Start-Up, (Gemeinnützige) Vereine, Gebietskörperschaften
Zielgruppenbeschreibung * researchers and founders from science and technology * HR managers, executives and experts from research and technology
Art des Angebots Beratung, Initiative, Service, Training, Vernetzung
Geltungsbereich National
Verfügbarkeit von 01.01.2010 - 01.01.2010


Mag. Charlotte Alber
Mag. Charlotte Alber
Program Director
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Claudia Wolfik
Claudia Wolfik
Program Management
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