Fast Track Digital – Project Implementation

This section provides all relevant information you need to carry out your project, including information about reporting, cost accounting, mentoring and IMPACT support.


Points to bear in mind when carrying out a Fast Track Digital project


What reports are necessary?

  • You must submit an interim and a final report for your project.
  • The interim report is due after half of the project period. You will then have one month to submit the report.
  • The final report must be submitted to the FFG three months after project completion at the latest. 
  • Reports must be uploaded as a PDF file via eCall.
  • Cost accounting is done directly in eCall. 
  • The FFG reserves the right to audit projects at least once during the project duration. 


What does IMPACT support offer?

IMPACT support provides a network encompassing all those participating in funded projects and offers professional development measures for every Fast Track Digital project.

To accelerate implementation of the funded research and innovation projects wherever possible, and to improve the starting conditions for understaffed SMEs, IMPACT support focuses on:

  • Procuring innovative capabilities in the field of digitalisation,
  • Providing a cross-project interactive learning and networking environment designed to broaden digitalisation expertise, capacities and networks, with a particular focus on ethics and law, or sustainability,
  • Offering tailor-made workshops with experts on the early identification of barriers to innovation, target group expectations and design requirements, and
  • Providing support to ensure regulative (legal) framework conditions and European values are considered during the innovation process.

The funded projects have access to IMPACT support over the entire 24-month project period.


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Mag. (FH) Barbara LOHWASSER
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