Galileo Contact Point

Galileo Contact Point

The GALILEO contact point was set up in 2002 at the Aeronautics and Space Agency, in order to strengthen Austria’s competence in the rapidly growing market for satellite navigation applications based on the flexible structures offered by small and medium-sized enterprises. In the complex system of public and industrial institutions, this pioneering contact point - currently unique within Europe - serves as an interface between national business interests and the European programmes.

The key role of the contact point is to provide Austrian companies with constant information about ongoing international developments in satellite navigation and the opportunities and potential they offer. This balances out the deficits in capacity which prevent small and medium-sized enterprises from keeping abreast of current developments.

A further goal of the programme is to increase awareness of GALILEO in Austria. One measure being undertaken to achieve this goal was the setting up of a test bed in Austria (ARTIST) in which exemplary applications were promoted in order to demonstrate the added value offered by satellite navigation.


Programmeigentümer/ Geldgeber
Service Bereich Agentur für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Themenbereich Weltraum
Zielgruppe Kleine und mittlere Unternehmen (KMU), Große Unternehmen (GU), Universitäten, Fachhochschulen, Kompetenzzentren, Forschungseinrichtungen, Einzel-ForscherInnen, Start-Up, (Gemeinnützige) Vereine, Gebietskörperschaften
Zielgruppenbeschreibung Angesprochen werden Industriefirmen, Unternehmen, Forschungseinrichtungen, Universitäten, Behörden sowie Anwender.
Art des Angebots Beratung
Geltungsbereich International, National
Verfügbarkeit von 02.12.2010 - 31.12.2013