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The programme is sponsored by Nationalstiftung für Forschung, Technologie und Entwicklung and Österreich-Fonds, supported by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK). The focus lies on funding industrial PhD projects to improve qualifications of research and innovation staff in companies and non-university research institutions. An Industrial PhD project is a three-year PhD project performed by an employee of an Austrian company/non-university research institution, who is enrolled as a PhD student at a university during the whole project. Thus, the PhD student will not only get access to industrial research and development, but work as fully integrated professional supporting the transfer of scientific results from academia to industry. Especially for young scientists, a successful research career in an industrial PhD project might lead to being hired as regular staff after the funding period. Moreover, half of the budget is reserved for female applicants to support their career in natural sciences and technology. The application for funding at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is performed by the company.


Program Owner / Sponsor Österreich Fonds Nationalstiftung für Forschung, Technologie und Entwicklung
Aeronautics and Space, Environment and energy, Further research areas, Human Resources, Information technology, Life Sciences, Material and manufacturing, Mobility and Transport, Security and Defense
Funding instrument
Partner Not required
Submission with a proposal process
Structural Programmes
Selection by External experts and BP advisory board
What is being funded Funding is provided for industrial PhD projects dealing with a scientific or technical research question. For the duration of the PhD project, the PhD student is employed by a company or non-university research institution located in Austria, for at least 50% of a full-time position. Industrial PhD projects are submitted by companies or non-university research institutions that actively support the PhD student and integrate him or her well into the organisation through appropriate measures. The benefits for the PhD's career are of central importance. Industrial PhD projects start after submission of the grant application at the earliest. Supervision at a university must be secured at the time of submission. A binding confirmation of a supervisor at university is necessary. At least 50% of the funds are explicity used for funding female students.
Min. / max. funding EUR 0,00 / EUR 100.000,00
Min. / max. running time 24 - 36 months
Availability from 01.01.2019 - constantly

Funding Facts:

  • Applicants: Companies or non-university research institutions with R&D activities in natural science and technology located in Austria
  • The Industrial PhD candidate must be employed by an Austrian company/non-university research institution for the duration of the PhD project (at least 50 % of a full-time equivalent).
  • Topic of the Industrial PhD thesis: Natural Science and Technology - especially Information technology, mobility, materials and production, environment and energy.
  • The funding project must not be started before the funding application is received by the FFG.
  • Proposals can be submitted continuously and are continuously evaluated by independent experts. 
  • Funding decisions are made following the meetings of the advisory board of the FFG General Programmes (advisory board of the FFG Basisprogramme). The dates of the advisory board meetings can be found at the FFG-Website
  • 50 % of the funds are dedicated to female students
  • As soon as the funding is exhausted the call will be closed.


Looking for a PhD position?

The Austrian Job Exchange for Research, Development and Innovation offers interesting jobs from internships to PhD, Post-Doc and senior positions.



Description of the target group:
Companies and non-university research institutions with research and development activities in natural sciences or technology, each located in Austria. (A company is any entity - regardless of its legal form - that carries out an economic activity).


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Dr. Denise Schöfbeck
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Adelheid Merkl
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