Laura Bassi Centres of Expertise

Centres of Expertise lead by female scientists

The impulse programme, which was unique throughout Europe, stood for research excellence; it focused its funding activities on equal opportunity in collaborative science and, furthermore, attempted to establish a contemporary research culture at the interface of science and industry.


Program Owner / Sponsor BMDW - Bundesministerium für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort
Aeronautics and Space, Bottom-up, Environment and energy, Further research areas, Human Resources, Information technology, Life Sciences, Material and manufacturing, Mobility and Transport, Security and Defense, Service innovation, Society
Funding instrument


Submission with a proposal process
Structural Programmes
Selection by Jury
What is being funded funding rate: max. 60%
Min. / max. funding 0 / 320.000,00 €
Min. / max. running time 48 - 84 months
Availability from 01.01.2008 - 01.01.2014

In the scope of the impetus programme "Laura Bassi Centres of Expertise" w-fFORTE was funding research centres for applied basic research at the interface between science and economy that are managed by top-level female scientists. The programme was evaluated on an ongoing basis with the objective to detect essential factors for framing a modern research culture that appeals to both women and men alike.

For more information please see our w-fFORTE-website.

Description of the target group:
SME, large enterprises, universities, universities of applied sciences, competence centres, research racilities, start-up, non-profit organisations


Dr. Denise Schöfbeck
Dr. Denise Schöfbeck
Program management
T +43 5 7755 2308

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