Travel costs in Horizon 2020

Travel costs may be incurred for project staff (participation in project meetings, presentation of project results at conferences etc.) and for external experts.

Travel costs in Horizon 2020 include costs for arrival and departure (round trip), accommodation costs, per diems and all taxes and charges related thereto (non-recoverable VAT, visitor's tax etc.).

All travel costs must be in compliance with the usual travel practice of the beneficiary (rules for business travel etc.). If the travel costs of external experts are reimbursed, the trip may either be booked and paid by the beneficiary or booked and paid by the external expert him/herself and reimbursed by the beneficiary.

In addition to the usual travel practice of the beneficiary, the general eligibility criteria must be met - just as for all costs. Evidence must be provided that the trip was necessary for the project, so that an active contribution to the project has been made.

In departure from the general rule that all costs must be incurred during the project duration, travel costs for the kick-off meeting are eligible even if the journey to the meeting takes place before the action starting date, provided that the meeting itself is held during the action duration.

Please also ensure that all travel costs can be clearly assigned to the specific action. The costs of combined travel (= project- and non-project-related part) can only be charged to the extent of the project-related costs if

  • it is the usual practice of the beneficiary to pay for such travels AND
  • it has been an actual cost for the beneficiary.


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Mag. Tamara-Katharina MITISKA
Mag. Tamara-Katharina MITISKA

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Robert WOREL

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