Research Studios Austria – The Programme

Research close to the market

The Research Studios Austria (RSA) programme promotes the application and implementation of results from pre-industrial research, thus strengthening collaboration between Austrian science and industry.


Program Owner / Sponsor BMDW - Bundesministerium für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort
Aeronautics and Space, Environment and energy, Further research areas, Human Resources, Information technology, Life Sciences, Material and manufacturing, Mobility and Transport, Security and Defense, Service innovation, Society
Funding instrument
Partner Not required
Submission with a proposal process
Structural Programmes
Selection by Jury decision
What is being funded max. 70% of total costs
Min. / max. funding EUR 280,000 / approx. EUR 1,300,000
Eligible costs Only project-related eligible costs will be accepted. These are personnel costs, other direct costs just as use of R&D infrastructure, material costs, third-party costs and travel costs.
Min. / max. running time 48 - 48 months
Availability from 17.06.2013 - 31.12.2022

Fast track to the market

Research Studios Austria are small and flexible research units that are usually affiliated to existing institutions. RSA may be established alone or in collaboration with a partner with the aim to translate research results into marketable products and services in a short period of time.

Bridging the gap

Optimal collaboration of companies, universities, research institutes and transfer institutions is the key to a successful innovation system and a competitive economy. The RSA programme forms part of the Cooperation and Innovation initiative of the FFG Structural Programmes. Research Studios support networking activities and help to overcome structural bottlenecks and weaknesses and adapt existing structures to new challenges on a continuous basis. This approach is designed to enhance the competitiveness and innovative strength of companies in the long term. 

The Research Studios address topics that 

  • can be converted into marketable products and services in a short period of time,
  • are or importance for the Austrian economy,
  • have the potential to find broad application and
  • enable transition from basic research to application if the companies alone do not have sufficient relevant research expertise and capacity.


The Research Studios may define different thematic areas in accordance with these conditions.

Research Studios Austria is a programme initiated by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMFWF) and managed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).


Description of the target group:
The target groups include universities, universities of applied sciences and their transfer offices, cooperative and non-university research institutions, Research Studios as independent legal entities (spin-offs). Applications for the establishment of a Research Studio may be submitted by a studio operator alone or in cooperation with other potential studio operators or funded cooperation partners.


Mag. Markus Pröll-Schobel
Mag. Markus Pröll-Schobel

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Mag. (FH) Barbara Lohwasser
Mag. (FH) Barbara Lohwasser

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Mag. Nora Nikolov
Mag. Nora Nikolov
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