Start-up Funding

General Programme - Start-up Funding

Start-up Funding
The Start-up funding and the expansion HighTech Start-up funding within General Programme provides long-term support to innovative young companies during the implementation of technically risky and economically interesting projects.
Owner of programme / investor
Target group SME
Topic Service Innovations, Society, Information technology, Human resources, Life sciences, Materials and production, Mobility, Security, Environment and energy, Further issues, Space
Type of service Funding, Advice
Förderinstrument C3 E Einzelprojekt - Experimentelle Entwicklung
FFG Unit of organisation General programmes
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Fund recipients

Start-ups, small and medium-sized companies (companies with less than 250 employees).

Type of funding / Funding level

Funding is up to 70 % of total eligible project costs with a mix of non-repayable subsidies and low-interest loans.

Application and decision process

Submission of an application is possible at any time and will be part of swift approval processes. The evaluation is carried out throughout a special scoreboard and connected to a project monitoring

Terms and duration of project funding

max. 12 months (follow-on applications for longer projects must be submitted)

All projects are analysed and assessed in terms of the technical and economic aspacts for funding. Technical funding criteria include in particular the degree of innovation and the technical challenge of the planned project. Economic assessment focuses on the commerciali-sation potential and the applicant’s economic performance.

Fundable costs
Includes all expenses and charges which are incurred directly, in reality and additionally (to the usual operational expenses) for the duration of the funded research activities (i.e. no earlier than when the application is received by the FFG). Funding is provided for personnel costs, investments in research infrastructure and other costs (third party services, material costs, travel costs, patent application costs).

Special features
Above average innovative content, highest technological demands, above average technological risk, start-up criteria (company which was founded no more than five years ago). The annual turnover must be under € 50 million, the balance total under € 43 million and the number of staff under 250. Participations by a major company must not exceed 25%.

Guidelines (German)