FFG Funding - boost your ideas!

Every successful start-up story begins with an idea. The FFG supports start-ups and prospective entrepreneurs with a broad range of funding and services.

Spin-off fellowship

Developing research findings into products. Fellowship programme for future academic spin-offs.

Expedition Future

FFG accompanies the expedition to a better future, from preparation to scaling of disruptive and radical innovations. The expedition to a better future can be arduous, especially when innovations have a great potential for change. We support you on this journey with central contact persons who guide you through the Austrian and European innovation system and provide access to networks.

Impact Innovation

Impact Innovation promotes the development of products, services and/or processes that are new, solve an existing problem and offer added value for the target group compared to existing offerings. An innovation process must be applied when finding solutions.

Innovation Voucher

Small and medium-sized companies also undertake research. The innovation voucher provides funding for external research services.


Projekt.Start helps with the preparations which lead to a consistent project and thus to a convincing funding application. Funding is available to evaluate the potential of a planned R&D project prior to an application for startup funding.

Small Scale Project Funding

Funding of "smaller" research and development projects of SMEs and startups (up to max. 60 % of grants, max. total costs € 150,000,-).

General Programme

The call provides startup funding for turning an R&D project into reality – from initial idea through to a near production-ready prototype. Against the background of a financing situation that has become more difficult overall, startup funding is a sustainable support for the implementation of technically risky and economically interesting projects. The FFG helps startups with their medium term liquidity issues; up to 70 % of relevant expenditure is funded. Companies have five years after project completion to repay the loan. High tech startups are also awarded a 5% bonus. Submission as a basic program project is possible on an ongoing basis.


The Markt.Start programme supports the realisation and market launch (including sales) of an R&D project which is already being funded by the FFG (General Programme, Impact Innovation). Funding through loans of up to 250.000 euros (total costs 500.000 euros) are designed to promote growth in terms of organisation, marketing and distribution.

Patent Voucher

First steps towards patenting. The patent voucher provides funding for assessing patent options

Additional Information

Startup Funding - open to all fields of research, submission is possible on an ongoing basis

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