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BACHHOFNER DanielaEuropean and International Programmes
BADER JuliaGeneral Programmes
BAUER SabineGeneral Programmes
BAUMGARTNER MartinEuropean and International Programmes
BEDNAR BrigitteStructural Programmes
BELANYECZ MyriamHuman Resources and Organisation
BENJES PaulStrategy Unit, Data Analysis and Business Development
BERG ElisabethEuropean and International Programmes
BERGER AngelaEuropean and International Programmes
BERNHARD RudolfGeneral Programmes
BERSET LucAeronautics and Space Agency
BIBA-STICKLER TheresiaHuman Resources and Organisation
BIDMON MarcusEuropean and International Programmes
BINDER ManuelThematic Programmes
BINDER MichaelStrategy Unit, Data Analysis and Business Development
BINDER PetraResearch and Development Allowance
BISSENBERGER JuliaStructural Programmes
BLAHOVEC ClaudiaThematic Programmes
BOCKSTEFL JohannesThematic Programmes
BODISCH UrsulaThematic Programmes
BOGNI AstridGeneral Programmes
BRANDENBURG RolandThematic Programmes
BRAUN BarbaraGeneral Programmes
BRÜGGEMANN ChristianThematic Programmes
BUCHMAYER ClaudiaGeneral Programmes
BÜRGERMEISTER-MÄHR MariaThematic Programmes
BUSSMANN ManuelOperations Management
BUTTENHAUSER MoritzStructural Programmes