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Haas MargitThematic Programmes
Haberl InesEuropean and International Programmes
Hackl DanielaEuropean and International Programmes
Hahn ArminGeneral Programmes
Haidn KatharinaStructural Programmes
Hajicek ElisabethEuropean and International Programmes
Halver ManfredEuropean and International Programmes
Hammel ElisaThematic Programmes
Hammer SophieStrategy Unit
Hartmann OlafThematic Programmes
Haslinger PeterOperations Management
Hauer MichaelaStructural Programmes
Haumann JoachimStructural Programmes
Heilmann BärbelGeneral Programmes
Herber ErichStructural Programmes
Hermann SvenjaThematic Programmes
Herzan MarvinStrategy Unit
Hindler MichaelGeneral Programmes
Hipfinger AnitaThematic Programmes
Hochreiter HaraldStrategy Unit
Hoebertz AstridEuropean and International Programmes
Hoffmann AndreaEuropean and International Programmes
Hofmann-Turek ClaudiaResearch and Development Allowance
Höglinger AndreaEuropean and International Programmes
Holl JörgOperations Management
Hollaus KarinThematic Programmes
Höllebrand DavidStrategy Unit
Holzner GabrielThematic Programmes
Holzweber AlexanderOperations Management
Hopp ChristianLegal Department
Hörhan MartinaGeneral Programmes
Hortai AndreaAudit Unit
Horvath GünterGeneral Programmes
Hoskovec NataschaCorporate Finances
Huber YlvaEuropean and International Programmes
Hubich ElkeStructural Programmes
Hudecek MartinAudit Unit