Conditions for eligibility in Horizon Europe

In addition to the conditions for participation (i.e. if and how legal entities may participate in a Horizon Europe project), there are rules for eligibility (i.e. if and how legal entities may receive funding in Horizon Europe).

In general, legal entities are eligible for funding (i.e. may receive funding from the EU Commission) if they are established in an EU Member State or to Horizon Europe associated country.

Legal entities from third countries not associated to Horizon Europe may in principle not receive funding. Normally, they bear their own costs.
In the following exceptional cases, also legal entities from non-associated third countries may receive funding from the EU Commission:

  • If the third country is explicitly mentioned in the work programme (see Annex B of the General Annexes to the Work Programme 2023-2024) or
  • If the EU Commission considers participation of the relevant legal entity as essential for the project implementation.


Beneficiaries without EU funding

These are beneficiaries, which …

The estimated costs of these beneficiaries need to be indicated in the project budget (Annex 2), but will not be reimbursed and will not be taken into account for the calculation of the grant amount.

Please note: If such beneficiaries become eligible for funding during the project, they may in principle request funding as from their eligibility (an amendment is necessary). As this does not increase the maximum grant amount, the other beneficiaries need to reallocate the project budget in order to free part of the project budget.


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