Overview of legal and financial aspects in Horizon Europe: project proposal

The following pages provide you with concise information about the key legal and financial topics concerning project proposals in Horizon Europe.

For each topic, you will find the most important provisions of the Grant Agreement (GA), further links and documents and presentations for download, if available.

Please note that this information relates to Horizon Europe standard agreements (Research and Innovation Actions, Innovation Actions, Coordination and Support Actions) and that regulations may differ in detail for other instruments.


This webpage is constantly completed with the latest information announced by the EU Commission.


Overview of topics


Details about the proposal

For any questions about the proposal please contact your thematic NCP (see information box at the bottom of this page).


> Presentation of the European Commission about the Model Grant Agreement in Horizon Europe (Recording: "How to prepare a successful proposal in Horizon Europe")

> Presentation of the European Commission about Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication in Horizon Europe (Recording: "A successful proposal for Horizon Europe: Scientific-technical excellence is key, but don't forget the other aspects")

> FFG Website "Online Infopaket "Antragstellung kooperative Projekte" (only in German)


Mag. Martin Baumgartner
Mag. Martin Baumgartner
National Contact Point: Legal and financial aspects
T +43 5 7755 4008
Mag. Tamara-Katharina Mitiska
Mag. Tamara-Katharina Mitiska
National Contact Point: Legal and financial aspects
T +43 5 7755 4009
Robert Worel
Robert Worel
T +43 5 7755 4611


For basic questions about legal and financial matters (e.g. proposal writing, costs, financial statement etc.) as well as questions concerning the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal please contact your thematic NCP.

Members of universities may contact their grant service unit.

Members of not university related research organisations may contact these contact persons in the organisation.