National funding opportunities for service innovations

Research and development projects that result in a service are supported in almost all FFG programs. The FFG awarded a total of around 103 million euros for such projects in 2016 and another 85 million euros for the broadband initiative. Most of the time, however, are services with a technological background.

For projects less reliant on research, the Innovation Voucher encourages companies to embark on the innovation process by offering the support required to develop innovative services. In order to facilitate the entry into a continuous research and innovation activity and to improve the quality of the research projects, the BMK and BMDW bundle coordinated SME funding from the FFG.

The BRIDGE programme provides support for basic research, including research with a social or human science component.

Service Innovations can be funded within the framework of R&D-project funding in the General Programme. Startups are also invited to submit their applications.

Programmes which focus on helping society deal with the major challenges of an ageing population and mobility, such as Mobility, Energy and Environment, also have a large share of projects aimed at the development of services. The potential to develop innovative services is particularly evident in the production environment as a consequence of increased networking and digitisation. The Intelligent Production programme considers these aspects, as well as examining the impact on working life and searching for solutions.

Educational activities are supported by the FFG through the R&D Competences for Industry programme, including in the context of service innovations. The goal of the programme is to establish, deepen and broaden the skills of research and innovation staff.

International programmes for innovative services

Service innovations can be funded as "Services" within the framework of the EU's Research and Innovation Programme, Horizon 2020.