KLON: Impact Innovation – ongoing call

Developing innovative ideas and solutions
Call open continuously - applications can be submitted at any time
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The FFG's Impact Innovation programme promotes the development of innovative ideas and solutions. The key element is an innovation process designed to develop these ideas and solutions in close interaction with all relevant actors. The FFG provides a non-repayable grant covering up to 50% of the total eligible costs of € 150,000 (max. € 75,000).

Submit an application via eCall. Your application will then be processed by the FFG. If the formal check (e.g. application form, CVs of project staff etc.) is positive, the project will be evaluated by FFG experts.

For details see the Impact Innovation Guidelines (German only) and the page on Impact Innovation – Funding, Guidelines.

So don't lose any time and start now to define a problem for Impact Innovation!



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Gabriele KÜSSLER

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