Production of the Future – the Calls

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The economic performance of Austria strongly depends on its manufacturing industry. The ability to manufacture internationally competitive products and to increase productivity is key to the economic growth of Austria as a highly industrialised and knowledge based country. And innovations in the manufacturing sector will continue to be an indispensable basis for added value and employment in the future.


Program Owner / Sponsor BMK - Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
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Ausgenommen Sondierungen und F&E-Dienstleistungen. Individuelle Details entnehmen Sie dem Ausschreibungsleitfaden.

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Thematic Programmes
Selection by International Eexperts
What is being funded Funding is provided for cooperative projects and flagship projects of industrial research or experimental development, exploratory projects (pilot study for R&D project), endowed professorships, individual projects of experimental development and knowledge transfer under the FFG’s BRIDGE Programme.
Min. / max. funding 0 / depending on instrument
Eligible costs Personnel costs, research infrastructure, material costs, travel costs and third-party costs are eligible for funding in accordance with the Cost Guidelines.
Min. / max. running time 0 - 48 months
Availability from 20.05.2014 - 31.12.2018

The RTI Initiative Production of the Future will make available a total amount of EUR 24.5 million for a range of funding measures in 2016.

Open calls

The 18th call under the Production of the Future programme invites proposals for Austrian flagship projects on the topic “Assistance Systems in the Context of Man-machine-cooperation”. The call supports the further strategically alignment of R&D in the manufactoring sector.

The 17th call under the Production of the Future programme is carried out as part of the European Research Area Network M-ERA.Net – ERA.Net for Materials Research and Innovation. The M-ERA.Net provides coordinated funding for transnational projects and is supported by 41 funding organisations from 28 European countries and 4 countries outside Europe (Taiwan, South Africa, Brazil, Russia).

The 16th Call under the Production of the Future programme invites proposals for transnational cooperative RTD projects together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The second bilateral call with CAS addresses the topic of “Advanced Materials”.


Closed calls

15th Call Production of the Future, on the strategic orientation of research and development in the manufacturing sector
14th Call Production of the Future, was carried out as the 2nd call for nominations for Endowed Professorships
13th Call Production of the Future, Industry 4.0 Pilot Factory by the Vienna University of Technology
12th Call Production of the Future, as part of M-ERA.NET ”From materials science and engineering to innovation for Europe”
11th Call Production of the Future, bilateral call Austria  Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China
10th Call Production of the Future, bilateral call Austria  Shanghai University, China
9th Call ERA.Net RUS PLUS on energy, mobility, ICT and production
8th Call Production of the Future, transnational call 2014
7th Call Production of the Future, national call 2014
6th Call Production of the Future, 1st call for nominations for endowed professorships 2014
5th Call Production of the Future, transnational call 2013
4th Call Production of the Future, national call 2013
3rd Call Intelligent Production, transnational call 2012
2nd Call Intelligent Production, national call 2012
1st Call Intelligent Production, national call 2011

Specific funding instruments:

  • Cooperative R&D Projects Industrial Research or Experimental Development
  • Transnational Cooperative R&D Projects Industrial Research or Experimental Development
  • Exploratory Project Pilot Study for R&D Project
  • Flagship Projects Industrial Research or Experimental Development
  • Endowed Professorships funded by the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) / financed by the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation
  • R&D Infrastructure 


Open funding instruments:

  • Individual Projects Experimental Development (General Programme)
  • BRIDGE Knowledge Transfer Bridge Programme of the FFG

Description of the target group:
The RTI Initiative “Production of the Future” is aimed at companies, research and technology organisations, universities, universities of applied sciences and secondary technical colleges based in Austria. Participation of international partners is possible and encouraged. See the relevant guidelines for more detailed information and restrictions.


Dr. Margit Haas
Dr. Margit Haas
Programme leader
T +43 5 7755 5080
DI Alexandra Kuhn
DI Alexandra Kuhn

T +43 5 7755 5039
Dr. Fabienne Nikowitz
Dr. Fabienne Nikowitz

T +43 5 7755 5081
DI Manuel Binder MSc
DI Manuel Binder MSc

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