ERC Synergy Grant: Preparing a competitive proposal

A webinar by the FFG Academy
This webinar will highlight key features of the ERC Synergy Grant Call and offer suggestions for creating a competitive proposal. Veronika Sexl, ERC Synergy Grant Panel Member, will share her experiences and be available for questions.

By an exceptional combination of two to four principal investigators (PI) with complementary skills and resources, ERC Synergy Grant projects should address ambitious research questions in a manner that would not be possible for the individual PIs. The Synergy Grant aims for transformative research and is open for unconventional approaches and research at the interface of established disciplines.  One of the PIs (with exception of the Corresponding PI) may be hosted at an institution outside the EU or Associated Countries.

Synergy Grants may be awarded up to a maximum of EUR 10 million for a period of 6 years. In exceptional cases, additional funding of up to EUR 4 million can be requested to cover the following additional extraordinary costs:
a) start up costs for PIs moving to the EU or an Associated Country as a consequence of receiving the ERC grant,
b) purchase of major equipment,
c) access to large facilities or
d) other major experimental and field work costs, excluding personnel costs.

Ylva Huber, ERC National Contact Point
Veronika Sexl, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Please note the following corrigendum for slide 15 (see also the document in the download center): As opposed to the situation with the ERC Starting, Consolidator and Advanced Grant, the budget section for the ERC Synergy Grant has not been transferred to the online submission forms, but remains part of the template for the Scientific Proposal (B2; section c).


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Dr. Ylva Huber
Dr. Ylva Huber
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Gudrun Reisenauer
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