Gigabit Wall

The Gigabit Wall will illustrate a number of current Gigabit and 5G use cases and developments that are currently being implemented by partner organisations of the Gigabit Academy.

5G networked ambulance

What if an ambulance could be connected to experts at the hospital who could diagnose and initiate the right treatment while still on the road? That would save lives. 

Automation of branch line railways

Highly reliable radio communication with traction units based on the 5G network available throughout Austria enables the cost-efficient autonomous operation of branch lines. This can shift passenger and freight traffic to branch lines and save large amounts of CO2. 

Networked assistance systems in road traffic

Radio signals can also propagate "around the corner", expanding the horizons of modern driver assistance systems and improving safety. 

Cooperation between robots in production

Reliable wireless communication in industrial manufacturing enables new production processes and cooperation between mobile robots as well as between robots and humans. 

Smart City

5G for energy-efficient sensor networks in the urban environment. 

Virtual Realities

VR applications for 5G networks.

Communication in Swarms

Self-organising robot swarms (drones).

Wireless Industrial Robotics

Use of 5G in the environment of mobile robot systems. Image: Manuela Schwarzl 

Carinthian Fog

A 5G-enabled infrastructure for the automated operation of the Carinthian 5G Playground Use Cases.

Partnerorganisationen der Gigabit Academy