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Johannes Kepler University

Department of Computational Perception
Our mission is to investigate and develop computational models and algorithms that permit computers to perceive and understand aspects of the external world, where we interpret perception in the widest sense of the word, as the extraction of useful high-level information and knowledge from complex, possibly low-level data (audio, video, images, sensor data, texts, databases, or even the Internet). Thus, our research and teaching focuses on problems like pattern recognition, knowledge extraction, and data and text mining, with methods from fields like signal processing, statistical pattern recognition and classification, machine learning, and generally Artificial and Computational Intelligence. Our current research has a particular focus on intelligent audio and music processing, computer vision, and biometrics.

Organisation Details

Adresse Altenberger Strasse 69
4040 Linz
Mitarbeiter in F&E 20
  • IT - Software
  • Informationssysteme
  • Internettechnologien
  • Elektronik, IT, Telekom (Sonstige)
Zusätzliche Keywords Künstliche Intelligenz, Maschinelles Lernen, Social Media Analyse, Data Mining, Recommender Systems, Music Information Retrieval, Multimedia, Signalverarbeitung, Biometrie, Kryptographie


Dr. Markus Schedl
Dr. Markus Schedl
Associate Professor
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