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CEDR Call 2017

"New Materials”, “Automation” and "Collaborative Planning"
Ausschreibung offen von 22.11.2017 08:30 bis 01.03.2018 12:00
This Call for Proposals is conducted as an open, competitive procurement process. It is based on trust, common understanding and commitment and on European Law as implemented in Austria. The Guide for Applicants provides general information for applicants (the coordinator of the consortium): technical information is provided in the respective Description of Research Needs (DoRN).

The Call for Proposals involves three separate research programmes covering the following topics:


1:  New Materials & Techniques

A) Reliable life cycle and social cost-benefit analysis of “green asphalt”

B) Simplifying the use of RAP

C) Usability of Super Materials


2:  Automation

A) How will automation change the core business of NRA’s?

B) What new options do NRAs have from digitalisation and automation?

C) Practical learnings for NRAs from test sites


3:  Collaborative Planning of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning

A) Exploring effective approaches for future-proof road networks based on trends in mobility and spatial development

B) Planning and designing the interface between (trans)national road networks and local transportation (‘last mile’)

C) Assessing the added value from spatial development as a factor in infrastructure planning.


The Guide for Applicants (GfA) provides general information for applicants for all three programmes.
Full details of each of these programmes are provided in the respective Descriptions of Research Needs (DoRNs).
Applicants should ensure that proposals are clearly linked to one of the objectives defined in the respective DoRN and should clearly state the transnational benefit of the project outcomes.
A draft copy of the Research & Development Service Contract that will be used to form the agreement between the parties has been included. Submission of a proposal implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of the agreement.


DI Dr. Christian PECHARDA
DI Dr. Christian PECHARDA
Programm Manager Automation
T 0043577555030
Dr. Dietrich LEIHS
Dr. Dietrich LEIHS
Programm Manager New Materials & Collaborative Planning
T 0043577555034
M 00436648569034