HEU Community | Deep Dive: "Cluster Digital, Industry & Space – INDUSTRY (Destinations 1 & 2)"

In the Horizon Europe "Digital, Industry & Space" cluster several calls for proposals are open from autumn 2023 until spring 2024.

In this session, we dive into specific details on the topics open in Destinations 1 (TWIN TRANSITION) and 2 (RESILIENCE). The entire webinar will be conducted in English.


  • Gain Insight: Unpacking the proposal calls, focusing on the specific policy considerations of both destinations.

  • Destination 1 Exploration: In-depth examination of topics in Destinations 1.

  • Destination 2 Insights: Comprehensive overview of topics in Destinations 2.

  • Engage and Inquire: Your opportunity for questions and answers.


Explore In-Depth: Join our upcoming Deep Dive events to delve into the specifics of the "Industry" (D1 & D2) and "Digital" (D3, D4 & D6) topics. Gain valuable insights, uncover useful tips & tricks, and discover a wealth of opportunities to address your questions in detail:

20 September 202310:00-11:30Cluster Digital, Industry & Space – Upcoming Funding Opportunities
08 November 202310:00-11:30Cluster Digital, Industry & Space – DIGITAL (Destinations 3, 4 & 6)
14 December 202311:00-12:00Q&A Session "Blind evaluation"
10 January 202410:00-11:00Q&A Session "Cluster 4 INDUSTRY"
09 February 202410:00-11:00Q&A Session "Cluster 4 DIGITAL"


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