ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems Focus Initiative Digital Transformation for the Energy Transition

EnerDigit is expanding the ERA-Net SES Focus Initiatives by 1. Amplifying the RegSys approach to support the development of need driven implementation environments on regional and local levels, link innovators to local innovation forces, need owners, potential adopters, procurers and buyers, as well as to follow up funders and financiers with close to market thinking. 2. Initiating co-creation processes, aligning the R&I knowledge with new innovation approaches from the digitalisation sector and start-ups as well as stimulating the creation of digital energy solutions building on available ICT platforms and tools. 3. Enhancing interoperability of solutions by enabling collective interoperability testing with a variety of developers, producers and providers of solutions, supporting the practical implementation of common standards, interoperability profiles and reference architectures.

Joint calls for RDD transnational projects are planned for 2020 and for 2022. Projects are expected to contribute to designing, implementing and testing of technical and business services for energy systems and solutions, unleashing the potential of digitalisation for the energy transition. Projects are encouraged to include partners from infrastructure operators, local industries or communities and end-users in value chains from the local and regional, up to the European and global levels. Project teams should include innovative SMEs, start-ups and investors with a "digital” and close to market mindset, to develop scalable, customizable and replicable solutions. Research activities should include coordination and linking of living labs, facilitating the development and field-testing of prototypes, bringing innovative solutions from TRL4 to TRL7. 
The calls will support RDD proposals on digitalization within fields such as big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things, data security and privacy, data ownership and digital resilience in the 4 Digitalisation of Energy Systems domains: Technical operation, Business operation, Market operation, Communication. Solutions developed and tested shall be modular and versatile so to allow for seamless integration and a high degree of interoperability.

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Programmeigentümer/ Geldgeber BMK - Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie Europäische Kommission
Einreichung nach Ausschreibungs-Prinzip
Zielgruppe KMU Universitäten Große Unternehmen Forschungseinrichtungen Gebietskörperschaften
Was wird gefördert EnerDigit promotes applied research and development, piloting and demonstration in the field of digitalisation of energy systems and networks.
Min. / max. Förderung 100.000.- / 2.000.000.-
Min. / max. Laufzeit 24 - 36 Monate
Verfügbarkeit von 14.12.2020 - 12.09.2023


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DI Paul KUTTNER Bakk.techn.
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