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Eureka Bilateral: France-Austria

Joint Action for R&D Projects in EUREKA
Ausschreibung offen von 30.06.2011 00:00 bis 20.07.2011 00:00
Europäische Kommission
Haben Sie French Connections? Oder hätten Sie gerne welche? EUREKA ruft erstmals zur Zusammenarbeit von österreichischen und französischen Partnern in F&E-Projekten auf. Ziel ist die Stärkung der Kooperation von Partnern beider Länder. Die Einreichfrist für Projektskizzen ("Project Outlines") ist der 20. Juli 2011. Danach erfolgt die Ausarbeitung eines Vollantrages. Nutzen Sie unser Beratungsservice dazu!

EUREKA promotes the competitiveness of European companies through international collaboration, in creating links and networks of innovation. In the framework of the EUREKA network, Austria and France have decided to implement a Joint Action in order to support Austrian/French Joint R&D projects and strengthen the bilateral collaboration of both countries. The joint R&D projects will focus on developing innovative products and applications in all technological areas, which have strong market potential for Austria and France. 

The main objective of this initiative is to promote projects with joint participation from both countries and provide R&D funding to qualified participants through the national programmes managed by the respective national funding bodies: the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in Austria and OSEO in France. OSEO and FFG will provide all necessary assistance to project partners during project proposal, evaluation and monitoring phase. In addition, both national funding bodies will facilitate the EUREKA/Eurostars application process and the acquisition of the EUREKA/Eurostars label for accepted proposals. 

This Joint Action is managed within the framework of EUREKA-Eurostars Innovation platforms ( and

Within this joint EUREKA Cooperation interested parties have two collaboration possibilities

  1. For EUREKA individual projects the common project idea should be submitted with the EUREKA project application until July 20th to FFG and OSEO.

    Austrian partners should submit a national funding application via eCall to FFG till July 22nd to guarantee a funding decision in September or till October 1st for a decision in December 2011. For French partners, the national funding application form should be requested from OSEO contacts.

    French partners should submit their national labeling and funding application till August 10th in order to be presented for labeling in October or till November 21st for labeling in January.

    Following this timeline the EUREKA Label can be assigned at the HLG meeting at 17-20 October 2011, for later project applications 23-26 January 2012. Projects starts are foreseen at the fourth quarter of 2011 (respectively first quarter of 2012).

  2. Since the Eurostars framework is specifically targeted to support R&D performing SMEs (, project outlines that meet the Eurostars criteria will be recommended to submit funding applications for the next Eurostars submission deadline on Thursday 22nd September 2011. FFG and OSEO will provide the submission guidelines and timetable to the project partners. 


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