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ENT III - Future Travelling

The ERA-NET TRANSPORT III Flagship Call 2013
Ausschreibung offen von 29.04.2013 00:00 bis 04.11.2013 17:00
BMK - Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie
Research can address aspects of both or either of the research questions in the following domains: • Future Vehicle Technologies (technology oriented research domain) • Traveller of the Future (social, organisational and technological research domain)


Research in the “Future Travelling” call will help to reduce Europe’s carbon emissions and noise pollution, improve air quality, build social cohesion and link communities and support economic growth. This will ensure people and businesses have the transport connectivity they need to be able to respond as the world changes. Managing and improving connectivity will help to link businesses and markets, help to promote economic growth and make it easier for people to move around ensuring good connections at national level and across Europe. Fast and reliable journeys support business efficiency and are vital if Europe is to stay ahead of its international competitors and grow a strong pan-European economy.
The research will develop new knowledge on different aspects of travelling to encourage more sustainable travel patterns as well as better ways to help manage the risks related to the development, scaling-up and integration of technology solutions (technological and organisational innovations). 
National specifications (see Guide for Applicants):
  • Eligible project type for Austrian applicants: applied research (industrial research or experimental development) 
  • Austrian partners register to the FFG eCall and upload the national cost-sheets 
  • If in your project are more than one Austrian partners, you have to nominate one leading partner. The leading partner submits the national cost-sheets. 
  • We recommend to make an appointment at the FFG for a counselling interview and a voluntary pre-proposal check (till 13.9.2013 the latest)


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