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Finding Talents – Researchers Career Grants

Career Grants support researchers to start or continue their career in Austria in the field of research, development and innovation. The funding includes travel costs to job interviews in Austria (Interview Grant), relocation costs when taking up a post in the field of research, development and innovation (Relocation Grant) and the professional integration of the partner (Dual Career Grant).


The call was closed on 17 August 2021 because all means are used up. No further calls are scheduled at the moment.  


What is the scope of the funding?

The aim of the tender “Career Grants” is to support researchers who live abroad and travel to Austria for job interviews (maximum 80% of the travel costs), relocate to Austria to enter into new employment (up to a maximum of € 2.000) and the professional integration of a partner (up to a maximum of € 2.000).


What are the criteria?

Funding applicants must have an academic degree. Proof of at least a Master’s degree is required. The post, for which a job interview is held or which is started, must be filled for at least 12 months and directly relate to research, development and innovation.


Who may be funded?

Individual researchers (and their partners) who live abroad and are interested in a career or continuing their career in Austria.


How can I apply?

The call was closed on 17 August 2021 because all means are used up. No further calls are scheduled at the moment.  

Please note:
  • The application for a Relocation Grant or Interview Grant must be submitted by the researcher and  NOT by the employer. 
  • The Dual Career Grant must be submitted by the partner of the person applying for a Relocation Grant. The partner has to register seperately in our submission tool eCall.

The FFG must receive the funding applications before the researcher departs for the interview or before the researcher relocates to Austria and starts work. For details please read the tender guidelines.


Which reports and expense records are required?

After the job interview or after the relocation to Austria, the form "Funding Agreement including expense account form" must be sent to the FFG. Costs listed by the applicant must be verified by means of the respective invoices or receipts.


How is the funding paid out?

The funded costs will be transferred ex post by bank transfer in Euro exclusively to the specified bank account.


Steps to funding

  • Application via eCall, before departure and before the start of work. Details on the submission and documentation deadlines can be found in the tender guidelines (Downloads).
  • Examination of the application by FFG and notification of eligibility for funding.
  • Interview or relocation
  • Submitting the documentation per eCall 
  • Examination of the accounting documents by the FFG
  • Transfer of the grant to the specified bank account

All relevant documents are available from the Downloadcenter.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Mag. Christine KREUTER
Mag. Christine KREUTER
T 0043577552709

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